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Soul Afire


with Dr. Matthew V. Johnson

“The most powerful force on the planet is a soul on fire”

From Matters of Religion to Matters of Politics…Spirit Matters



TruthWorks Network is proud to present a new and urgent broadcast experience . . . Soul Afire.  Soul Afire is a live talk radio program that both Inspires and Incites the personal spirit to come alive and reach for the fire within. Whether your life moves in the nests of tumbleweed against a desert dryness or flows quietly in the sanctuary of a lush foliage of a tropical riverbed, you live by the realm a claimed or neglected human spirit.  Spirit Matters.

 This unique talk experiences will reach issues, topics and current events vital to African American interests and quality of life from a spiritually and theologically infected perspective. It will feature  regular commentary from host, Reverend Dr. Matthew V. Johnson and call-in dialogue with listeners, raising and responding to  question and responses. The broadcast provides a focus to the spirit within -  inspiring and helping listeners discover the best of who we are as citizens in the Diaspora and the world. 

 Soul A’Fire providing focus but does not choke out free play.  Soul A’Fire creativity to replace empty and meaningless passion  . . . opening a fresh deep dialogue  The program hosts conversation about your spiritual well-being and examines how it informs the health and wealth of our humanity and citizenship.

Does it matter that you have a religion ?  How and where does the Biblical teaching and theological form inform a system of white supremacy? How is your Blackness made more hard pressing, rather than uplifting by your religion?  Your Church? How do you tell your story from within ?What do we need to survive living in a racist society ?  An empty church ? An empty family ? What should we require of the Black church? How do you transmit and transpose who you are as a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc? How does your religious history tells the story of your life ?  How can spiritual power be used to reconnect our community to issues of justice and freedom ?

 Soul AFire . . . Dialogue that is informative, uplifting and credible.


About Reverend Dr.  Matthew V. Johnson         Matthew V. Johnson, Sr., is a graduate of Morehouse College and earned his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in Philosophical Theology from the University of Chicago. He has done post-graduate studies in Psychoanalysis and is a member in training at the Institute of Contemporary Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis. In the ministry for thirty years, Dr. Johnson is the Pastor of Church of the Good Shepherd-Baptist located in Atlanta, GA. In the course of a thirty year ministerial and pastoral career, he served three ministries in Greensboro, NC.  He was pastor of United Institutional Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC and was Founder and Pastor of Manasseh Baptist Church. 

He is the author of three major theological works.  They include, “The Tragic Vision of African American Religion”, an analysis of African American religious subjectivity and understanding of the religious experience and its theological implications. “The Passion of the Lord: African American Reflections” a book which presents the biblical, historical, and theological roots of African American views, and, mostly recently “Onesimus Our Brother” examining the letter which contains so many of our unconscious assumptions about religion, race, and culture.

As a novelist in the tone and tradition of Zora Neal Hurston, his first novel, “The Cicada’s Song” adds to a rich treasure of African-American literature.

Dr. Johnson lives, writes, teaches, and practices ministry in the Greater Atlanta area with his wife and family.



TruthWorks Network  THE BLACK VOICE COLLABORATIVE  TruthWorks Network, a division of OUR COMMON GROUND Communications, LLC is a broadcast company providing diverse live talk radio broadcast which are  focused on issues critical to the African-American community and throughout the Diaspora. For more information, contact TruthWorks Network at



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ABOUT Soul AFire

7-18 -12 

Press Release TruthWorks Network


Listen On Demand  The premiere episode of Soul AFire with Dr. Matthew V. Johnson l Spirit Matters l #SpiritMatters 


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